Yard Swings and Gliders

10458660_1008688509154962_9161391397424231829_n (1)11036600_1008689472488199_5647853280994520723_n (1) 11709320_1008689095821570_7591063743712307551_n  11709652_1008689759154837_5281602514796653068_n (1) 10392346_1008689972488149_1638422328874886176_n 20382_1008690069154806_6861845462687427806_n Copy of 11709652_1008689759154837_5281602514796653068_nThis is our 3 seater the “Mammoth” which has a 65 inch seating area.
We also have the “Baby Mammoth” which is a 2 seater version and has a 48 inch seating area.
The A-Frame is held together with 3/4″ bolts and the entire swing is built with extra heavy duty hardware. The weight varies on each swing as no two logs are identical but it is estimated to be 400 lbs. If a strong wind blows this one over – you’d better be in a storm shelter.

3 seater shown – $905

2 seater             – $795

3 seater glider  – $905

2 seater glider  – $795

Give us a call or text 405-638-8657.

Or email us at wildwestcreations@yahoo.com

Paypal Accepted


swingsouthendswingnorthresize.jpgCreated with Nokia Smart Cam

Below is our newest addition our 48″ and 65″ Mammoth Cedar Glider complete with drink holders.

 Debbie 004 Debbie 003 Debbie 00219700_956818707675276_7577870719839123955_n


5 thoughts on “Yard Swings and Gliders

    • Charles – sorry about the late reply it is $725. We require 1/2 down and are 5-7 weeks out on Glider Swings. Order by tomorrow night however and you recieve 10% off on our Thanksgiving Weekend Special. Also sometime next week we will be offering financing with Springleaf Financial Services for your purchase.

      Thanks so much

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