Cedar Log Benches and Tables

Cedar Log Benches

Cedar Log Benches

Wayne Benches.jpg

Bench1 2-21-14 Bench2 2-21-14Bench3 2-21-14

Cedar Log Benches come in two sizes. 48″ Bench (2 seater) $595 and 65″ bench (3 seater)$695.

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2 thoughts on “Cedar Log Benches and Tables

  1. Have you ever made this bench as a glider? I love this but Pete, our Schnauzer, insists on a glider on the front porch. Well maybe it’s Joe but he’s never alone when he sets there.

    • No Debbie – I haven’t. But, if I ever get the time I’m going to make a glider. Or if you want one I’ll make one for you. They’re not that difficult to make – just a difference in hardware mainly.

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