Log Railing/Branch Railing

      .If you need custom built “Log Railing”

or need materials to build your own railing text us or give us a call at 405-638-8657 or email us at wildwestcreations@yahoo.com

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If you need Peeled Cedar Posts, beams, or “Live Edge” Slabs for pergolas, porches, decks, dining tables, bars or whatever give us a call at 405-638-8657 or message us at wildwestcreations@yahoo.com


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Rustic Coat Rack/Tack Rack

Rustic 1/2 Log Railroad Spike Rack finished with Antique Walnut stain and varnished. 38″ X 6″ and weighs 8 lbs $80.00. I can build these up to 8′ with spikes spaced 9 inches apart for $25.00 per spike.

Call or Text 405-638-8657

Or email us at wildwestcreations@yahoo.com

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Coatrack 2-12-13

Get Ready For Springtime

Here is one of our Cedar Log Planters nearly finished.  Get your orders in early for these beauties.  They are $29.00 per foot peeled and sanded with drain holes.  Or we can install pond liner inside to protect the wood for another $35.00.  The one pictured below on the left is 5′ long and $145.00 without liner.

Give us a call or text us at 405-638-8657 and get your order in today.

Or email us at wildwestcreations@yahoo.com

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Log Planter 002log planter 003Log Planter 001