“Live Edge Cedar Siding”

Dale Bolig 001“Live Edge Cedar Siding” is a big seller here at Wild West Creations.  We have sold our unique and durable Oklahoma Red Cedar Siding to a multitude of homeowners building both new homes and remodeling.  We also have financing now on all our products and services. Our pricing at this time is $1.75 per linear foot.  To find out approximately how many linear feet you will need, multiply the square footage of the wall times 1.5

Example:    Wall is 10′ by 10′ so  10 X 10 = 100 sq ft

100 sq ft X 1.5 = approximately 150 linear feet to cover wall

150 X $1.75 = $262.50 cost for siding to cover 100 sq. ft.

Give us a call or text us at 405-638-8657 or email us at wildwestcreations@yahoo.com for more info.12107913_1059149857442160_9169111914124721867_n 12074980_1059149817442164_6802887550593589591_n 12063291_1059149920775487_5917952904286022642_n 11061684_1059150187442127_8789299499949844582_n 12143067_1059149674108845_1454928987340843137_n Blanchard Live Edge 002 Blanchard Live Edge 001 Blanchard Live Edge 003

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2 thoughts on ““Live Edge Cedar Siding”

  1. Im.looking to reside my house I’m going to need 3000 Sq foot of live edge siding how much will this cost me with shipping to Port Charlotte Florida

    • Hi Kenny, that will amount to 4800 linear feet of siding. It is on sale this month for $1.35 per foot. The total would be $6480 sale price for the siding.
      We don’t do shipping but have sold a lot out of state. Mostly people just arrange their own truck or bring a trailer to pick it up or I can check out some shipping costs for you.
      We also require 1/2 down to activate the order and the balance at pickup.
      Thanks and let me know we can help in any way.

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